Glyndon Gardens has an amazing selection of mulch, sand, and stone to suit any landscaping need. We are also honored to be an authorized EP Henry, Hardscaping Distributor. Browse our galleries to see our extensive supplies, or scroll down to read more about bulk material and ordering. Whether you need a small amount, or bulk materials, we have what you need.


Item Description per yd price 1/2yd price
Dark shred mulch A natural hardwood bark mulch, double or triple shredded for easy spreading. $34.00 $21.00
Dyed mulch Triple shredded – Available in brown or black, the color lasts for multiple seasons. $45.00 $28.00
Double Shred – Black Only $41.00 $25.00
Topsoil Screened with compost for enrichment. $48.00 $30.00
Compost A superior quality compost. $48.00 $30.00
Stone dust Also called #10 screenings. Fine stone, compacts well. $62.00 $35.00
Crusher run Also called CR6. 1/2″ – 3/4″ stone and finer. Makes a great base, compacts well. $62.00 $35.00
Grey/white stone Also called #57’s. Approximately 3/4″ rough crushed stone. Great for drainage and bases. $62.00 $35.00
Maryland river stone Colors range from beige to yellow to orange to brown. Available in 9/16″ (pea gravel), 3/4″, and 2-4″.  $125.00  $70.00
River jack stone Hudson River stone. Colors range from off-white to shades of grey to some reds. Available in 3/4″, 1-3″ and 3-5″. $190.00 $105.00
Red stone Also called barn red or autumn red. Rough crushed, dark red color. Available in 1″. $145.00 $80.00
** Stone descriptions are approximate – sizes and colors may vary since it is a natural product. Prices listed are for store pickup.


Delivery is available — Pay a flat fee based on mileage from Glyndon Gardens to the delivery location and then add the price of the delivered bulk material – up to 12 yards of mulch or 10 yards of topsoil and stone. Sorry, we do not split loads (2 products on one truck). Also, we deliver pallets of stone – up to 6 pallets on one delivery.

Need help calculating how much you need? Try these calculations:

  • One yard = 27 cubic feet.
  • One yard, spread 3″ deep will cover 108 sq. ft.
  • One yard, spread 2″ deep will cover 162 sq. ft.
  • One yard, spread 1″ deep will cover 324 sq. ft.