Glyndon Gardens is proud to offer Oakley products in our Garden Center! For all of your outdoor adventures, Oakley has you covered!


Oakley Prizm™ lens technology has turned eyewear into vital equipment for sports. It all comes down to enhancing detail in the most precise ways to optimize your visual experience, and the result is game-changing performance.

We analyze the demands of each sport and environment to ensure each lens transmits the right wavelengths. That way, you can experience sharpened visual acuity that helps you see everything more clearly, and react more quickly. Beyond enhanced detail recognition that helps you spot what you need to see, Prizm Sport lenses improve your ability to see and track moving objects in your periphery. Whatever the sport, you’ll have improved performance to help you compete with confidence.

Oakley Prizm™ lenses fine-tune individual colors, enhancing detail for an optimized experience. With ordinary sunglass lenses, the world looks dull and flat, but Prizm lens technology makes everything look vivid and vibrant. It’s a breakthrough that comes from decades of research in optics for professional athletes, and it helps you make the most of everything from sports to everyday life.

A Few of the Models we Have in Stock:

Holbrook and Holbrook XL, Turbine Rotor, Half Jacket 2.0 XL, Flak 2.0 XL, Conductor, Ridgeline, Split Shot, Feedback, Split Time


A combination of technologies and patented innovations that give you clearer, sharper vision, HDO® virtually eliminates the distortion common in high-wrapped sunglasses.
– REFRACTIVE POWER. Conventional lenses can magnify images. HDO® precision gives less distorted vision across the entire field of view.
– ASTIGMATISM. Ordinary lenses can’t focus all light waves in the part of your eye that does the seeing. With HDO,® you won’t have the blur of inferior optics.
– PRISMATIC POWER. With regular lenses, objects aren’t really where you see them. HDO® offers a truer visual image, and it helps ensure each eye has the same image so your brain won’t have to work overtime.

IMPACT PROTECTION We go to great lengths to ensure our sunglasses protect your eyes. The lens material and frame geometry provide protection against high velocity and high mass impact.
– High velocity testing: Impact resistance against light objects at high speeds.
– High mass testing: Impact resistance against heavy objects at low speeds.

– Oakley Plutonite® filters out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm.
– The lens material itself blocks UV, so you don’t have to rely on a thin surface coating that can wear away or become scratched.
– Our optical technologies allow for lens curvature that improves protection at the top and sides of your eyes.
– All Oakley sun lenses and Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses provide 100% UV Protection

Oakley HDPolarized™ lenses block 99% of harsh glare and minimize eye strain. Our infusion molding process eliminates the glues, layering and distortion found in conventional polarized technology.
Other lenses are made up of multiple layers, attached with glue. Glue bonded layers diminish clarity and cause distortion.
One layer and no glue means the greatest possible clarity and least distortion. Look through less to see more.

– Our photochromic lenses help you adapt to changing light conditions so you can always perform at your best.
– Your lenses won’t be too dark when the sun pulls a disappearing act or too light when it knifes through the clouds.

Download Oakley’s 2020 Eyewear Catalog for More Information