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PK360 Stainless Steel Griddle Slotted


Remember the quick-and-dirty diner burgers of yore? Or perhaps you never stop dreaming of the ultimate smash burger with grilled onions, cheese and bacon. They’re both on the menu when you fire up our stainless steel griddle. Simply lift off the grate and lay down the perfect surface for blueberry pancakes, seared lake fish and campfire hash browns. The griddle’s even heat conduction and smooth surface make you — congratulations! — a flap top genius.


Level up your PK360 flavor game:

  • Heavy duty, precision-cut, stainless steel
  • Large, flat cooking surface
  • Easy to use. Easy to clean
  • High-heat flat-top for: diner-style burgers, steaks, eggs, perfectly seared veggies, you name it!

Compatible with PK360 only

Dimensions: 15.63” x 24.25”